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Fans Game with the Lode Runner Crew

Friday, September 18th was the time, and the whole world connected by Xbox LIVE Arcade was the place: the occasion was the second official Game With Dev event for Lode Runner hosted by Tozai Games and Microsoft. Tozai Games' co-founder Scott Tsumura provided his house as the location for the "Dev" guys to play, and he even made fresh sushi for the gamers and grilled some steaks to give them added energy. They needed it to compete with some awesome players who showed up online. Brett Ballow, the game's designer, was joined by Tozai Games' associates Hideki Saito, Gilbert Ballow and Jun Tsujimoto, while Microsoft Xboxers Chad Dylan Long and Scott Fintel also sat in on Last Man and co-op level action. "Everyone who hung around my Last Man party for more than fifteen minutes was able to get their Metal of Honor achievement," said Brett, "and I was able to finish at least the first stage of co-op Journey with several new players...enough to earn the Double Up achievement." All Xbox LIVE members were welcomed, and one gamer who was just listening in thought that it sounded like so much fun that he bought the game then joined in the action. "He did alright as a novice," Brett noted, "that is once he figured out he could blast in both directions." Tozai Games would like to thank everyone who came to game. And whether you made it or missed it, we're working on more events, so stay tuned.

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