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Lode Runner Launch

Published by Tozai Games for Xbox LIVE Arcade, the all-new Lode Runner launched on April 22nd! Tozai Games and partner SouthEnd Interactive developed Lode Runner over the course of two years. The development team recreated the feel of the beloved original Lode Runner-first released in 1983-and its classic action style, but from the Hi-Res 3D graphics to every block in every level the new Lode Runner is a completely fresh experience. Lode Runner for XBLA offers a variety of ways to play-there's something for every gaming taste: a challenging single-player adventure, co-operative teamwork, frantic multiplayer competitive matches, and puzzles for those who want to think through their moves before putting their plans into action. And you never have to sit on the sidelines during multiplayer modes; co-op partners who die can be revived by their partner, and Last Man competitors who die return to avenge their death as enemies! The breadth and depth of Lode Runner are pretty impressive. The original specs didn't call for a Level Editor or Lode Runner Community, but the idea to include both elements just seemed too good to pass up and they are both a part of the finished game. That's in addition to 272 levels of frenzied action in the game's six play modes: 1P Journey, Co-op Journey, 2-4P Last Man, 1P Hold On, and 1P and Co-op Puzzle modes. Creating and sharing custom-designed levels with the Lode Runner Community will extend the game play experience even further, and Tozai Games plans several Expansion Packs with new levels later this year. Xbox LIVE Gold and Silver Members can give Lode Runner a trial run through selected levels or purchase the game directly through Xbox LIVE Marketplace or on

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