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Price of Gold Dropping!! LR Reduced to 800 MS Pts.

Lode Runner is delighted to be in the opening act of XBLA's new 'Sales & Specials' promotion. The price of our highly acclaimed action platformer has been permanently reduced from 1200 Microsoft points to 800 Microsoft points - only 133 points per game mode! That's right, you'll get it all; the massive single player Journey and the hilarious coop Journey as well as both Puzzle modes, endless Hang On and four player Last Man. The expansive Level Editor and LR Community level-sharing hub is just the cherry plopped on top. But wait – adding to the hysteria; our first level expansion, the Skill Pack, is available today as well. It contains fifty new puzzles (35 1P & 15 Coop) and eight crazed Hang On levels, and at the cost of 160 MS points (about the price of a hardboiled egg at your local diner) is a no-brainer for any Runner who is addicted to solving puzzles or has mastered the art of eluding mad monks and frothing yetis. Solve just a handful of the twisted puzzles to attain the 'Gold Luck' achievement and pad your Gamerscore. Oh yeah – there's more; our Journey Pack will be released on April 13th for 240 MS points. It will contain eight new stages of both 1P Journey and Coop Journey and an achievement for the completion of each. Both start out reasonably enough, but get quite frenzied as you progress deeper...consider yourself warned. We at Tozai Games are extremely grateful to all of the LR fans who have sent notes of praise and thanks - blast on!

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