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Journey Pack Released, New Challenges Unleashed!

Just when the cleverest Runners have whittled down their elapsed puzzle times to ridiculous numbers in the recently released Skill Pack, a brand new challenge is now available. Two actually! The new Lode Runner Journey Expansion Pack, at only 240 MS points, provides eight robust stages for both the 1P & Coop Journeys.

The 1P Journey (40 levels + 8 bonus rooms) is a lengthy but doable mission, with plenty of lives-padding energy balls to collect along the way. Don't get me wrong, there are numerous tricks and challenges that will have to be unraveled in order to collect the Achievement upon completion. And in later stages, some of the level transitions will more resemble large levels than simple transitions... but still, this Journey compares to the original in difficulty.

The Coop Journey (32 levels + 8 bonus rooms) begins rather modestly as well, with hordes of energy balls that can boost you and your teammate's lives by quite a margin – don't overlook them, you'll be wishing you had every one of them in a stage or two. The frantic nature of the Coop Journey is pushed to the limit in later stages... conquering this expedition to collect your Achievement is a training course in ESP!

Don't forget, the main game has been permanently reduced in price from 1200 to 800 MS points, so now you can easily justify trying all six game modes and creating/sharing your own custom levels over Xbox LIVE!

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