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Lode Runner Legacy is coming on PS4!

Classic action puzzle series returns to PlayStation for the first time in 26 years!

Visit Lode Runner Legacy Official page!

R-Type Dimensions EX on PS4/Nintendo Switch/Steam!

R-TYPE and R-TYPE II, the legendary coin-op space shooters,now together on Nintendo Switch, Steam and PS4! Visit R-Type Dimenions EX Official page!

Lode Runner Legacy available for Nintendo Switch!

Lode Runner Legacy for Nintendo Switch is out today! Free demo is available as well! Check the Nintendo eShop page! Nintendo eShop Lode Runner Legacy product page Lode Runner Legacy for Switch O...

Lode Runner Legacy Coming to Nintendo Switch

Popular action puzzler from Tozai Games features co-op play and user-generated levels

Lode Runner Legacy for Switch Official Web Site ...

Lode Runner Legacy Now on Steam!

Lode Runner Legacy is the latest edition in the classic Lode Runner series, a masterpiece of action puzzle gaming introduced in the U.S. in 1983. Players manipulate “Runner” to infiltrate ...

Steam Halloween Sale!

CM Movie(Youtube)

Steam Store

Lode Runner Legacy now on sale!

Play! Create! Share!

Steam store

Lode Runner Le...

Lode Runner Legacy available on July 13th!

Check out our product page in the Steam Store.

Steam Store

Lode Runner Legacy Coming Soon!

Steam page opened! Check out our Steam page here!

Steam Store

Lode Runner Legacy is now Greenlit!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for Lode Runner Legacy! It is a big challenge for us to reboot such an historical game, but we are glad to hear so many positive comments from you. We also appr...

“Lode Runner Legacy” Comes to Steam Greenlight

Tozai Games is pleased to announce the classic platformer series Lode Runner is now on Steam Greenlight. “Lode Runner Legacy” is the latest edition in the classic Lode Runner series, a ...

Spelunker HD Ultimate Edition & Championship DLC Bundles Available on PSN

Get the Spelunker HD Ultimate Edition PS3 bundle on PSN, including the main game plus all of the Championship DLC! The 110 massive caverns in the main game will test even the most avid explorers, w...

Tribute to Douglas E. Smith

Thanks to everyone for the many heartfelt tributes in honor of Douglas Smith and Lode Runner. All of your remembrances are appreciated. Here is just one of the many wonderful tributes to Doug, by J...

In Memoriam, Douglas E. Smith, 1960 - 2014

It is with great sadness that we learned today of the passing of our friend and colleague, Douglas Smith, the creator of the iconic game, Lode Runner. Our hearts and prayers are with Doug's family ...

R-Type Dimensions Invades North America & Europe on PS3!

R-Type Dimensions invades your PS3 with lethal ramifications! Yes it's true, R-Type Dimensions is now available worldwide.

All 14 Bydo-infested stages of R-Type and R-Type II are packed ...

R-Type Dimensions Coming to North America & Europe on PS3!

Prepare for an R-Type Dimensions crash course with your PS3! May 20th the Bydo invasion hits North America, and May 21st legendary shooting action invades Europe!

All 14 Bydo-infested sta...

"Everyday Spelunker" Available for iOS and Android

Everyday Spelunker®, the fiendishly challenging classic platformer is now available worldwide for iOS and Android devices. Fondly remembered for its exacting controls and ridiculous number of ...

Spelunker® Comes to iOS as Everyday Spelunker

The fiendishly challenging classic platformer is now available worldwide for iOS devices. Fondly remembered for its exacting controls and ridiculous number of ways to die, the original title has be...

Spelunker Music to be Featured at the Game Orchestra Concert in Japan

The famous music themes so well-known to all Spelunker fans is in good company this coming weekend in Japan! The Fantasic Game Orchestra Concert is performing music from such game legends as Nobuo ...

Lode Runner Classic is now MOGA Enhanced!

It's retro maze-blasting action! Fire up your blaster and run like mad before the swarming Bungelings track you down. Collect gold and blast holes to access hard-to-reach platforms while trapping ...

Spelunker Now on 3DS & Wii U Virtual Console!

You no longer have to dust off a decades old console to enjoy the classic adventure – all the murky caverns can now be explored with ease from your shiny Wii, Wii U or 3DS!


Spelunker Arrives on Wii U Virtual Console!

The NES version of Spelunker has been released on Wii U Virtual Console! You no longer have to dust off a decades old console to enjoy the classic adventure – all the murky caverns can now b...

Happy 30th Birthday Lode Runner!

To celebrate 30 awesome years, Lode Runner Classic has been released on the iOS and Android platforms. Lode Runner Classic contains all of the block-blasting mayhem of the original 1983 smash hit, ...

All 10 Championship DLC Ready and Waiting!

You wanted them and you got them... but, careful what you ask for. The much intensified caves are sure to extract a few unpleasant exclamations from even the most agile and refined explorers. Suppl...

New DLC Packs EX9 & EX10 Bear Their Teeth!

The last two Championship DLC packs are now complete and available for download on October 2nd in North America and on the 3rd in Europe for $1.99/€1.99 each. These last 20 stages round out t...

Free Update and Seven New Championship DLC Packs!

Spelunker HD received a free patch on August 28th that includes improved online multiplayer viewing options and an additional area wit...

Free Update, New DLC and PlayStation Plus 50% Off!

Spelunker HD received a patch on August 28th that allows improved online multiplayer viewing options and includes a new area with ten new ...

Kotaku Praises "Lode Runner Classic"

Today Mike Fahey posted a very complimentary review of Lode Runner Classic on Kotaku and awarded it the Windows Phone Gaming App of the Day! He became hooked on the original Apple II version when only...

"Lode Runner Classic" Releases on Windows Phone

Lode Runner Classic contains all of the block-blasting mayhem of the original 1983 smash hit, in which the untiring Runner faces off against relentlessly pursuing enemies in level after le...

Lode Runner X Launches Exclusively on Sony's Xperia Play and Xperia Line

We're pleased to announce the release of Lode Runner X through Sony Mobile Communications for their Xperia line of mobile devices (additional Android devices will be supported later this spring). The ...

Good Friends, Great Memories

Now that the New Year is upon us, it seems like a nice time to reflect on some visits from some very cordial visitors in the recent months here at Tozai Games.

It's always a nice su...

"Sideshow" Strikes a Familiar Tune

Japan's percussion group 'Sideshow' recently released their first album. A year ago, the group made a strong impression on us here at Tozai Games when we discovered their live Spelunker tribute on You...

Tozai Games Japan Acquires Rights to Minna de Spelunker

Newly Established Office Will Release an Enhanced Version in Japan

Tozai, Inc. announced the expansion of their global gaming business with the opening of a Japanese offi...

Lode Runner X to Release on Xperia PLAY

As release draws near, we'd like to highlight our partnership with Sony Ericsson who earlier this year announced the arrival of

Spelunker HD Hits European PSN Store 10th Aug. for €9.99

(SCEE PlayStation Plus Members take 20% off for first two weeks!)

Those of us who played Tim Martin's original 1983 Spelunker may no longer have all our hair, but for those who do, BEWARE: This ...

Journey Pack Released, New Challenges Unleashed!

Just when the cleverest Runners have whittled down their elapsed puzzle times to ridiculous numbers in the recently released Skill Pack, a brand new challenge is now available. Two actually! The ne...

Price of Gold Dropping!! LR Reduced to 800 MS Pts.

Lode Runner is delighted to be in the opening act of XBLA's new 'Sales & Specials' promotion. The price of our highly acclaimed action platformer has been permanently reduced from 1200 Microsoft poin...

Two Runners Score Leaderboard Stunner!

Tozai would like to honor Eric Taylor (aka colourthief) and Sean Pajot (aka DeHackEd360), who on just their 317th attempt, played through the entire Coop Journey without dying! Thi...

Spelunker HD Receives Top-Picks Honors and Prestigious Game-of-the-Year Nominations!
01.10.11 nominates Spelunker HD in two game-of-the-year categories: Best Console DLC Standalone Game & Most Entertaining Platformer.

Gathering Place for Cave Explorers Available Now on PlayStation®Home

Be sure to check out the new "Gathering Place for Cave Explorers" game space now open on PlayStation®Home!...

Spelunker HD Available Now on the PlayStation® Network!

At last you can start your spelunking adventure! How it will end, nobody knows — but rest assured, no other creature down there is on your side. Get ready for the $9.99 challeng...

Dive into the Depths of Spelunker HD on Nov. 23rd!

We're pleased to announce the official North American release of Spelunker HD for PS3 on the PlayStation® Network. This robust remake of Timothy Martin's groundbreaking 1983 release, which won t...

The Spelunker HD team is spelunking on the PlayStation blog!

The Spelunker HD team is on deck today at the Sony PlayStation Blog to answer your questions and comments. Please join us:

Spelunker HD is Coming to the PlayStation® Network on Nov. 23rd

Prepare yourself for a new Spelunking challenge! Spelunker HD is coming to the North American PlayStation® Network on Nov. 23rd The ultimate underground adventure is back with 100 all-new lev...

Sync-Ball--A Ton of Fun for a Buck!

Tozai Games is happy to announce the official release of Sync-Ball--our first game for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad! Packed into Apple's sleek mobile format is designer Brett Ballow's deceptively easy-...

Sync-Ball Arrives!

UPDATE! We're happy to announce that Sync-Ball has officially landed here on Earth, and anyone with an iPhone or iPod Touch can download Tozai Games' latest miniature marvel for just 99 cents at the i...

What's Up With Sync-Ball?

Tozai Games' next title--Sync-Ball for iPhone/iPod Touch--is coming soon...but to everyone's surprise the game arrived a bit early today when Apple made the game available briefly several weeks prior ...

IGNN Reports Lode Runner Nation

The Imaginary Game News Network reports that the Obama administration is looking into creative economic s...

Download Uematsu's Soundtrack for Kurulin Fusion

The Kurulin Fusion soundtrack, in which celebrated games composer Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy series, many more) updates classic J.S. Bach tracks for the 21st century, is available for download. The...

Kurulin Fusion Now Available in Europe

Puzzle-action hit Kurulin Fusion for the PSP is now available for download in Europe and all other Sony Computer Entertainment Europe territories for the...

And They Gamed Happily Ever After

Eluding Yeti and digging up gold? Sounds to us gamers like a perfectly romantic way to pass Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year.

Listen up: Two of Lode Runner's three mul...

Bach 'n' Roll with Kurulin Fusion

Feast your eyes, ears and that game-playing part of your brain on hypnotic new puzzler Kurulin Fusion for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system from MTO USA in association with Tozai Games. Mat...

XBLArcade and Tozai Games Sponsor Quiz Contest

Our friends at XBLArcade are hosting a quiz contest for site members featuring a grand prize of either Lode Runner or R-Type Dimensions for Xbox LIVE Arcade. The XBLArcade crew has come up with a fun ...

Tozai Games Supports 360 Junkies' Contest

360 Junkies is holding a monthly contest to reward its top comment writer and Tozai Games is teaming up to help motivate visitors and generate lots of chatter. The top prize for October's contest will...

Fans Game with the Lode Runner Crew

Friday, September 18th was the time, and the whole world connected by Xbox LIVE Arcade was the place: the occasion was the second official Game With Dev event for Lode Runner hosted by Tozai Games and...

Lode Runner Game With Dev Event

Tozai Games and Microsoft are sponsoring a Lode Runner Game With Dev event for Friday, September 18th beginning at 8:00 P.M. ET/5:00 P.M. PT. As always, we suggest checking in about 30 minutes ahead o...

Lode Runner Million-Point Leaders

It's not surprising to find Lode Runner for Xbox LIVE designer Brett Ballow ranked high on the leader board (gamer tag SeqMovPuz) but even Brett was blown away with the 1P Journey scores posted by Man...


Tozai Games is thrilled to be part of the biggest consumer gaming convention in America--The Penny Arcade Expo 2009, aka PAX, which is held in Seattle over the Labor Day weekend. If you make it to PAX...

Console Arcade Contest

Our friends at Console Arcade are running a Lode Runner giveaway through September 5th. Two winners will be chosen...

R-Type Dimensions Links Added

It's been a long time coming, but we finally updated the R-Type Dimension page and included tons of links to reviews, previews and interviews about what we humbly consider to be the best space shooter...

Xbox 360 Achievements Lode Runner Contest

If you're looking for the sweetest deal on Lode Runner for Xbox LIVE Arcade over the next few days, head to Xbox_36...

Tozai Games Hosts Video Game Music Superstars Nobuo Uematsu and Jeremy Soule

Scott Tsumura, Tozai Games' Chief Advisor, recently hosted a dinner for two of the most celebrated musical composers in the video game world. Nobuo Uematsu, perhaps the most beloved video game compose...


The Penny Arcade Expo, or PAX 2009--the biggest consumer gaming event of the year--is headed to Seattle this Labor Day weekend, and Tozai Games is going to be in the thick of it with playable Lode Run...


Team Tozai has been reading posts and listening to comments from lots of Lode Runner players who are having difficulty finding other Runners with whom they can share levels or play live matches. We wa...


A recent contest sponsored by Tozai Games and NooBTooB spawned some audacious advertising art with Lode Runner themes. The winners crafted their ads with imagination and showed off some serious Photos...

Gaming With NooBTooB

NooBTooB and Tozai Games are sponsoring the second Lode Runner gaming event this Saturday, May 23rd, beginning at noon PDT. NooBTooB, with hosts Tobin Coziahr and Yuzo Watanabe, presents one of the mo...

Runnin' With the Dev Guys Recap

Saturday, April 25th was the first chance for new Lode Runner players to connect over Xbox LIVE to challenge and co-operate with each other and a dozen members of the development team, including peopl...

Lode Runner Launch

Published by Tozai Games for Xbox LIVE Arcade, the all-new Lode Runner launched on April 22nd! Tozai Games and partner SouthEnd Interactive developed Lode Runner over the course of two years. The deve...

Tozai Games Gets A New Home

If you're reading this, you've found the new homepage of Tozai Games and connections to the new Lode Runner and R-Type Dimensions sites, as well. We hope this site will become your resource for all th...

Stay Connected With Tozai Games

Tozai Games is now on Facebook at Lode Runner XBLA and @TozaiGames on Twitter, where you can stay informed of the latest posts, news and events. Our tweets will notify you when and where to get more i...

Runnin' With the Dev Guys

Lode Runner players can challenge the development team from Tozai Games and SouthEnd Interactive on Saturday, April 25th beginning at noon Pacific Daylight Savings time (3pm EDT). You have to buy the ...

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