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Runnin' With the Dev Guys Recap

Saturday, April 25th was the first chance for new Lode Runner players to connect over Xbox LIVE to challenge and co-operate with each other and a dozen members of the development team, including people from Tozai Games, SouthEnd Interactive, Microsoft and VMC Game Labs. The Dev Runners were located in Bellevue, WA, San Diego, CA, and Sweden-a world-class turnout. How popular was the event? It was scheduled to run for three hours, but there were so many new Runners lined up to play that the gaming went on for SEVEN hours! Brett Ballow, who designed all the levels in the game, offered five special customized levels for anyone who visited a share lobby set up for the event. The players gave the dev team all sorts of suggestions and lots of kudos. One comment that was frequently echoed was for more events like this. Everyone at Tozai Games wants that, too. We'll announce future Lode Runner Community events on all our contact sites:, Lode, Facebook Lode Runner XBLA, and @TozaiGames on Twitter. So keep checking in for the latest updates. Be sure to check out the pics from the event posted on Facebook.

Brett Ballow--The Master Chad Dylan Long--Microsoft Hero Erin Davis--The Tester Gilbert Ballow--The Bro
Hideki Saito--Gadget-san! Dev Runners--challenging the world!
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