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Tozai Games Hosts Video Game Music Superstars Nobuo Uematsu and Jeremy Soule

Scott Tsumura, Tozai Games' Chief Advisor, recently hosted a dinner for two of the most celebrated musical composers in the video game world. Nobuo Uematsu, perhaps the most beloved video game composer in the business, was in town to attend performances by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra and conductor Arnie Roth as part of Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy, which is a series of concerts composed of selections from the Final Fantasy franchise. Also in town was Jeremy Soule, the award-winning composer of sound tracks for the Guild Wars and The Elder Scrolls franchises, several Star Wars and Harry Potter games plus movies and television. Jeremy's brother Julian Soule, Hiroki Ogawa (a director of Uematsu-san's Dog Ear Records Co. Ltd.), Chris Szuberla (who oversees all production aspects of the Distant Worlds concerts) and much of the Tozai team gathered at Scott's home in Bellevue for a night of dining, music and lively discussions. Over the course of the following three evenings, Uematsu-san's lyrical flights of fantasy filled Seattle's Benaroya Hall. The Distant Worlds series is traveling to additional cities, so we highly recommend attending if you get the chance. Who said the video game biz doesn't have its perks?

Uematsu-san and Jeremy Soule Uematsu-san, the Soule Bros. and Arnie Roth Brett Ballow joins the composers. Tozai President, Sheila Boughten, with Uematsu-san
Scott Tsumura and Nobuo Uematsu Who's coming to dinner? Who isn't?
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