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Lode Runner Million-Point Leaders

It's not surprising to find Lode Runner for Xbox LIVE designer Brett Ballow ranked high on the leader board (gamer tag SeqMovPuz) but even Brett was blown away with the 1P Journey scores posted by Manolz 2012 (1,101,503) and HEDDA LANTZ (1,004,546), both topping a million points! Kudos also go to OBLIVIMAN at a very respectable 954,538 points. For Co-op Journey, the pair of Kameh64 and TrickyDeluxe posted a whopping 891,098 for their tandem effort. Talk about coordination. The 1P Puzzle board is headed by FSY49 who clocked a super-low 18:17.95 time to complete all 50 puzzles, and the team of STILLBORN KILL (gotta work on those happy gamer tags, folks) and PHISTAGON romped through 2P co-op Puzzle's 26 mind-benders in 12:08.86. Hang On master Cletus Spunkler amassed an incredible 4982 gold in nearly 4 hours of play--we're talking thousands of spawning enemies. Honestly, we can't even sit still that long for a cross-country flight. And finally, when it comes to schooling the competition, Kreusader tops the chart with a TrueSkill rank of 30. Congrats to all the leaders! (Note: We last checked these scores on September 16th, 2009, and new scores can post any time a Lode Runner player does something amazing.)

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