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What's Up With Sync-Ball?

Tozai Games' next title--Sync-Ball for iPhone/iPod Touch--is coming soon...but to everyone's surprise the game arrived a bit early today when Apple made the game available briefly several weeks prior to its scheduled release date. Oops! Guess the Cupertino crew is more focused on the launch of iPad than our first iPhone offering. Go figure! But the good news is that Sync-Ball will reappear soon. FYI, this puzzle game is the brain-child of Tozai's Brett Ballow, the designer who created all those fiendish puzzle levels in Lode Runner for XBLA. Sync-Ball isn't as frantic as Lode Runner, but it's a great fit for mobile platforms. Players move from two to four balls in synchrony with a swipe of a finger and try to drop them into the goals simultaneously. Using blocking walls and a lot of strategy, players work their way through more than 70 cunning puzzles. Amazingly, during the few hours that Sync-Ball was available, several reviewers found it, downloaded it and, apparently they liked it! More later.

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