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Sync-Ball--A Ton of Fun for a Buck!

Tozai Games is happy to announce the official release of Sync-Ball--our first game for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad! Packed into Apple's sleek mobile format is designer Brett Ballow's deceptively easy-to-grasp, hard-to-complete puzzle game. The object in each of the game's 80 levels is to get a number of balls (from two to four of them) to fall into the level's goals at the same time. The trick is that each time you swipe the screen to make a move, all of the balls move simultaneously. Using walls and the unique layout of each level, players must maneuver the orbs into position for the final swipe. At just 99 pennies at the iTunes App Store, Sync-Ball is a no brainer when it comes to cost. The cerebral workout begins only after you've downloaded the game. And a limited trial version is available for the very reasonable price of FREE. One of the things we've noticed about the game is that it's relatively stress-free, maybe due to the fact that you don't have to race the clock to earn a top score. There are no scores! It's all about solving each puzzle then moving on. You'll never lose your place, either, and there's no penalty for starting a puzzle over to try a new scheme. If you've got an iPhone, an iPod Touch or the new iPad, and a dollar, we've got what we consider to be the greatest little game in the galaxy. Check it out! Visit the official Sync-Ball web site for more information.

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