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Two Runners Score Leaderboard Stunner!

Tozai would like to honor Eric Taylor (aka colourthief) and Sean Pajot (aka DeHackEd360), who on just their 317th attempt, played through the entire Coop Journey without dying! This formidable feat took them only 61 minutes, garnered them a cool 1.2 million, and pushed them past habib and Horhay21 into the top spots on the leaderboard.

They collected every energy orb, whether placed precariously in a level or mischievously in a bonus room and eventually had the benefit of 72 extra lives, none of which they needed, yet accounting for a massive game-ending bonus. Eric shared that their mastery of revives includes the strategy of 'controlled suicides' as a means of trapping enemies and shaving down level completion times.

Don't fret Lode Runner fans - if your blasting/head-riding skills aren't quite this honed, but you are aching to see your name atop the leaderboards, there is another way: Just be the first to pick up either of two new level-expansion packs! Both will be arriving in the coming weeks with wide open leaderboards.

Crackin' 1.2M in Coop Journey!
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Lode Runner Legacy now on sale!

Lode Runner Legacy now on sale!

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Lode Runner Legacy available on July 13th!

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Lode Runner Legacy Coming Soon!

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