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R-Type Dimensions Invades North America & Europe on PS3!

R-Type Dimensions invades your PS3 with lethal ramifications! Yes it's true, R-Type Dimensions is now available worldwide.

All 14 Bydo-infested stages of R-Type and R-Type II are packed together in a stunning, hi-res package for PS3. Shooter fans, be amazed - this is the battle you've been waiting for! You can froth up your retro juices with 2D graphics and the timeless original music tracks or turn up the evil with new 3D graphics and swanky, updated music.

Share the excitement with a fellow space warrior and blast the Bydos together in couch-play Co-op mode or turn on collision between player ships for a little head-to-head sparring. If two R-9's aren't enough to get the job done then check out the all new Infinite mode... with unlimited ships and no game-over you're sure to finally conquer the Bydo Empire.

The latest installment of R-Type Dimensions gives you the power to map your controller any way you see fit: Regular fire, rapid fire or plasma cannon will never interfere with releasing or calling your pod again. Switch between graphic and audio modes with the touch of a button during play or throw time a curve-ball with the slow motion button.

The wait is over - power up and blast the Bydos today!

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Steam Halloween Sale!

Steam Halloween Sale! Now 50% OFF!

Lode Runner Legacy now on sale!

Lode Runner Legacy now on sale!

Play! Create! Share!


Lode Runner Legacy available on July 13th!

LodeRunnerLEgavy-Opening  title=

Check out our product page in the Steam Store.


Lode Runner Legacy Coming Soon!

Steam page opened! Check out our Steam page here!

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