Two Complete Games!

All 8 original R-Type levels + all 6 original R-Type II levels.
Classic gameplay is unchanged and just as challenging as the original coin-op versions.

Hi-Res 3D Graphics + Fully Revamped Music!

Choose between original 2D graphics with classic, retro music or shiny 3D graphics with snazzy, reworked music and sound effects.
Switch between graphic and audio modes with the press of a button during play!

New Infinite Mode!

With infinite ships you're sure to finally conquer the Bydos!
Stage select allows you to practice and play the levels you want.

Co-op Mode!

Go it alone or blast the Bydos with a buddy.
Play friendly without ship collision, or flip it on for competitive play!

New Features!

Breeze through the bullets with your slow-motion button, or fast up your game with fast-forward button.
Play to the full and complete the achievements!

Product Information

Title R-Type Dimensions
Release Date Winter, 2018
Platform Nintendo Switch™, Steam(Windows)
Genre Side scrolling shoot-em-up
Players 1-2(Offline)
Publisher Tozai Games, Inc.