balls to the walls, Easy-to-learn, single-player puzzle action, Stress-free gaming for a chaotic world, 80 levels of gradually-increasing challenges, Give your brain a treat for just 99 cents

three Sync-Ball screenshots

How do you play Sync-Ball?

The object of Sync-Ball is to maneuver the balls from their starting positions on a platform so that they fall into the level’s goals all at the same time. A gentle swipe of your finger is all that’s required to make a move. The key is to position the balls strategically, utilizing the walls and the level’s unique shape while avoiding losing a ball off the edge into deep space. Puzzles begin with just two balls and simple platforms, but as you progress you’ll find yourself contemplating how to maneuver three or four balls into the goals.

How can Sync-Ball make my life richer and more pleasant?

Stress can ruin your day, and stress can be a major byproduct of games that impose time limits or put you on a brutal treadmill of achieving ever-higher scores. Sync-Ball is just about having fun. No ticking clocks. No scores to fret about. You can take as long as you like and start over as many times as you want. Why not break for some lemonade or go pet your cat. No worries. Your progress is always saved. Take a deep breath and relax. Think Sync-Ball…Sync-Ball…Sync-Ball…

What are some other reasons for investing my time and dollar in Sync-Ball?

    1. Since Sync-Ball has 80 levels and costs a mere 99 cents, the cost per level to you is a miniscule 1.24 cents. We challenge you to find this much entertainment for less than your two cents’ worth anywhere.
    2. Sync-Ball is the perfect on-the-go game because you will never lose your place or your progress. You can play it while waiting for the checkout. You can play it in your car at the stop light. You can even play it while doing your, well, business…enough said.
    3. Anyone can play. We tested the game with men, women, four-year olds, gamers, non-gamers, the man on the street, and a dog named Henry. Only Henry had any difficulty grasping the game, and that was mainly due to his lack of opposable thumbs.
    4. At its higher levels, Sync-Ball may actually make you think. Contrary to popular opinion, straining your brain can be good if done responsibly and in moderation.