Welcome to the Sync Blog

For anyone who has picked up a free or 99 cent (super premium) version of Sync-Ball for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and for anyone who is contemplating doing the same, or for anyone who is interested in great games, and even for anyone who just happens to be surfing by and stumbled upon this site, welcome to the Sync Blog–a blog about all things related to Sync-Ball and some things that, frankly, aren’t.

Sync-Ball is the brainchild of Tozai Games’ Brett Ballow, who is a bit of a puzzle game freak. He has an astounding collection of twisty puzzles at home, and he’s always planning and thinking about new games, many of which are puzzle-oriented. He even likes to make giant, honking mechanical puzzles out of steel, but they’re pretty hard to download to your iPhone, so forget about them. Anyway, Brett is going to comment on Sync-Ball puzzles, development, and other things of interest to Sync-Ball players and gamers.

We hope you are enjoying the game, and if you’ve not checked it out, please do so.


The Tozai Crew

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