Tozai Games – Classics in the making

From the classics of yesterday to the original IP of tomorrow, Tozai Games delivers lasting gaming experiences to passionate gamers around the globe.

“Tozai Tozai!” is the traditional greeting at the beginning of a Japanese Kabuki theater production. It means, “Welcome everyone!” The word “tozai” is derived from “to” meaning east, and “zai” meaning west, so it is literally a welcome to everyone from east to west.

About the Designer

Tozai Games’ chief designer, Brett Ballow, has been creating memorable gaming experiences for years, including last year’s Lode Runner for Xbox LIVE Arcade, which has stumped gamers around the world and won praise for its challenging level designs. Creating Sync-Ball was a labor of love for Tozai, and Brett hopes that the game’s gentle learning curve will appeal to a broad spectrum of puzzle fans.

About DigiPen

DigiPen Corporation was established in 1988 in Vancouver, B.C., Canada as a computer simulation and animation company. In 1996, DigiPen Corp. moved to Redmond, Washington where it has become an innovator for industry. DigiPen Corp. also oversees DigiPen Institute of Technology, which is a leading higher educational institution offering a number of Bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s of Computer Science degree. Apart from higher education, DigiPen also offers a series of youth educational programs throughout the United States and abroad. For more information about DigiPen Corp. and DigiPen Institute of Technology please visit

DigiPen Corp. employees and undergraduate students provided coding and art production services for the creation of Sync-Ball. This project marks the first time that DigiPen has partnered with a game publisher to create a commercial product.