Transition Concept

The left image shows a stage layout with 15 levels and adjacent environments stacked vertically according to their altitudes (including a mechanical environment that can be inserted anywhere). Environments are comprised of foreground blocks, background tiles, props, and backdrops -- because integrated environments require lodes of extra blocks and background tiles for blending, stages were shortened and limited to single environments. The upper right image shows a level-to-level scrolling transition concept. In this concept, after the Runner collects all gold he runs to a special block (shown in red) and the camera slides over to frame the next level. This design requires that all levels partially overlap -- interesting, but nixed. The lower right image shows a path transition concept. This transition style allows for a bit more adventure and provides a place to scatter energy balls around -- plus gave me the opportunity to squeeze some more puzzles into the game... so we went with it!
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