Mechanical Concept

The left images show a mechanical level-end transformation concept. In this concept, after the Runner collects all gold he runs to the special block on cell L-18, activating the gears. The section of blocks resting on the rack (outlined in red) slide to the right until they butt up against existing blocks, creating access to the exit at upper right... ooh, I can envision lots of yetis getting squished in the closing gap, but alas we nixed this idea in favor of... The next column of images is early concept of two levels connected by a mechanical transition. In this concept, after the Runner completes the level he accesses a special block with a hydraulic lever, that when pulled, retracts the current level blocks into the wall and extends a new level in its place. This is action doesn't interfere with the classic gameplay, yet demonstrates a sizable industrial manipulation and so was implemented into the game! The right images are edge reinforced mechanical blocks. The group of 14 blocks (and their rotations) can be used to create an endless variety of bordered shapes. Although designed to form snaking bodies of impenetrable terrain, these were ultimately used as destructible blocks... go figure.
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