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Spelunker Arrives on Wii U Virtual Console!

The NES version of Spelunker has been released on Wii U Virtual Console! You no longer have to dust off a decades old console to enjoy the classic adventure – all the murky caverns can now be explored with ease from your shiny Wii or Wii U... and the game is arriving on 3DS Virtual Console soon!

Run across brittle terrain, jump from crumbling ledges to rusting platforms, swing and climb from rotting ropes and collapsing ladders – just do not fall... Spelunker may have the heart of a lion, but he's got a knack for dying! Collect decaying bombs and flares, ride derelict carts through flaming geysers, retrieve canisters of putrid air to inhale – but watch what you bump... Spelunker appears to be nimble and quick, but he's not prepared to survive a small prick!

Glistening jewels and piles of gold are locked behind rusty doors whose keys have been scattered far and wide. Search and explore just as fast as you can, because that ghost on your tail may evade your small fan!

For more info and a video, check it out at the Wii U eShop!

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Lode Runner Legacy is coming on PS4!

Classic action puzzle series returns to PlayStation for the first time in 26 years!

Visit Lode Runner Legacy Official page!

R-Type Dimensions EX on PS4/Nintendo Switch/Steam!

R-TYPE and R-TYPE II, the legendary coin-op space shooters,now together on Nintendo Switch, Steam and PS4! Visit R-Type Dimenions EX Official page!

Lode Runner Legacy available for Nintendo Switch!

Lode Runner Legacy for Nintendo Switch is out today! Free demo is available as well! Check the Nintendo eShop page! Nintendo eShop Lode Runner Legacy product page Lode Runner Legacy for Switch O...

Lode Runner Legacy Coming to Nintendo Switch

Popular action puzzler from Tozai Games features co-op play and user-generated levels

Lode Runner Legacy for Switch Official Web Site ...

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